1. Product Creation, Database Management, and Backups are the Responsibility of
    the client.
  2. Mechanical, Electrical, Networking, and cabling works are out of our work scope. Network cabling, hubs, and power supplies are to be ready on-site prior to the installation.
  3. Annual Maintenance Contract: 20% of the system price (Hardware & Software) per year from the second year
  4. Payment:100% upfront along with confirmed PO
  5. Delivery: Within 7 days from the PO receipt
  6. Warranty: 1 year from the date of invoice for both Hardware and Software. Physical Damages due to improper handling & burnt circuitous due to power variations or any other related issues will not be eligible for warranty.
  7. No warranty for any Data & Backup. Database & backup are the responsibility of the customer; Purple Ocean won’t be responsible for any data loss.